Our Vision

To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with every man, woman and child and to allow Him to change their lives through the working of the Holy Spirit. To support and uplift communities wherever we are by taking care of the destitute, widows and orphans.

Our Mission

1. Minister to human need through social upliftment - (emotional, spiritual and physical).
2. Assist people to realize that they were created to have a living relationship with God, their creator.
3. Disciple believers.
4. Supporting churches to fulfill Christ's Commission by taking care of the destitute, widows and orphans in our community.
5. Evangelize the unreached.

Sent 2 Serve Ministries is an inter-denominational, interracial ministry to the glory of God alone

Reaching out

The calling of God on our lives is irrevocable, just like the commission of Christ to spread the Gospel of redemption to all mankind. We do this through every means, place and opportunity possible. Sharing the Word of God and allowing His Spirit to change people. We plant the seeds but God makes it grow…

Serving Others

We believe that a hungry person does not hear the Gospel of Christ in its fullest form. Share The Way, Truth and Life around a table, like Jesus did so many times, and they listen…
Reaching out to the destitute, hungry and naked is God’s love in action. Giving comfort and taking care is part of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A short insight into Sent 2 Serve Ministries

At the beginning of 2012 we thought that “Changed lives Ministries” would be registered by now. GOD had other plans….

The name could not be registered as there was already a ministry by that name. We then tried to register “One Way Ministries” but that was also in existence. Next we tried to register “Grace Ministries” which was also already registered. Was God trying to tell us something? Yes, definitely.

We got the message and started praying, asking God to intervene and show us what exactly He had in mind for us. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed….

All along we carried on with that which God has entrusted us with, serving people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Bringing relieve by collecting food and clothing for the needy and supporting and ministering to the emotionally wounded. All in all, giving comfort and taking care of the lost, emotionally wounded, hungry and needy in the name of Jesus Christ, whom has set the perfect example for us.

One morning Madelein was talking to the Lord, asking Him to confirm our calling and that which He wants us to do. Clearly the following words came to her: ”I have sent you to serve”
When I arrived home later she greeted me with a big smile, telling me that our ministry must be named, Sent 2 Serve Ministries.

We realized that if this was from God, the registration process will be without any problems. I contacted the company that would assist us in this and a week later was notified that Sent 2 Serve Ministries was accepted for registration as a non-profit company.

We thank God who is faithfully leading us in this Ministry to the Glory and honour of His name alone.

Our Directors

Melville & Madelein Botha is the co-founding directors, with GOD as the CEO of Sent 2 Serve Ministries. Where HE leads we follow. They have been called by God and answered on His calling at the end of 2007 when Melville resigned as area-manager of Doves Funerals.

Together with their 10 year old daughter, Chanté, they underwent a missionary training course in Wolseley, Zambia and Namibia. In 2009 they were send by God to Polokwane to work at a local welfare organization. Here they met an 8 month old baby girl, Precious (an orphaned baby) who joined their family. In 2013 another little girl, Chantele Thandaza, was added to the family. Both these little girls have now been formerly adopted by the Botha’s. Each and every day they live out their calling – “I have send you to serve others”


Henk Grobler, a friend of the Botha family acts as their prayer warrior, emotional supporter and also acts as financial advisor and keeps the former cell group up to date with all the work in Polokwane.


Isabel van den Berg, a well known name amongst the poor community has been working in Polokwane for more than 20 years. She has a heart for the poor and deserted people of the community. Reaching out and serving others is her niche. Her experience and expertise is very valuable to the Ministry .



Sue Dreyer joined Sent 2 Serve Ministries as an additional member. Her enthusiasm and insight into welfare work is immense. She is Isabel van den Berg’s right hand when it comes to collecting and distributing all kinds of donations.