Centenary Home

Every Friday millions of workers in South Africa look forward to the weekend ahead, causing them to be friendlier than usual and in a good mood. This is also true for me, but for a totally different reason… On Fridays I get to spend some very special time with my friends at Centenary Home.

I have mentioned it numerous times to many people – “Within the boundary fence of Centenary Home you will find more love and acceptance than in the whole of Polokwane.” Being mentally and physically challenged, they accept each other with love and compassion. This of course does not mean that there are never any disagreements.

Arriving Friday mornings with the team of Christian volunteer workers, we are greeted with cheers and smiles and hugs all around. Usually everyone has a story to tell or something special to share with us. Bi-weekly on a Sunday morning we also spend time together in the worship service.

Our year-end function in November for the residents and staff is always a highlight for the residents and us. Planning and fund-raising for this event usually starts at the beginning of August. Menu planning must be done and decisions about gifts and entertainment has to be made - no small task as 120 people attend. Aunty Ina, a volunteer worker and her friends start early in the year, making handmade gifts for each and every resident - a time consuming effort, but done with love. We always try to arrange for a special guest artist to entertain our friends.

We are so grateful for each and every person and friends of the Ministry who donate towards this project. Without these contributions we would never be able to host our yearly memorable function for our friends.

Our year always ends on a high note with lots of smiling faces and happy hearts, knowing that God cares for them and loves them with an unfailing love. The world may not regard them, but God has not forgotten them, He knows them by name…