Transparent Love Project

One day whilst driving my mind wandered off, thinking of ways how we can assist the needy elderly. Visiting so many churches, especially in the rural villages, it came to mind that a lot of the elderly people ask the young ones to read from the Bible for them - not because they cannot read it themselves, but because it has become difficult for them to see.

Our “Transparent Love Project” was born out of this experience. We then decided to buy 52 pairs of reading glasses - one pair for each week of the year.

During our Youth Seminars, I also conduct the Sunday service at the local church. After the service we invite the needy pensioners to come forward should they wish to receive a pair of reading glasses. I use my Bible, which is a small print and ask them to read a passage. Usually the answer is, “I cannot see it.” Then we start to select the appropriate strength of reading glasses.

The amazement on their faces when they can read again is priceless…

The gratitude and big smiles are more than enough compensation for our little effort. Through this action we have made a big difference in their lives. They are now once again able to read the Word of God on their own, whenever and wherever they want to.