Tumelo Care Centre

Tumelo Care Centre

Tumelo Care Centre, Tumelo, meaning “Faith,” is situated in Bloodriver, Seshego.

Standing at the proposed stand (rubbish dump), I felt a bit like Noah, “Lord, do you really want us to do this, turn a rubbish dump into a safe haven for vulnerable children…?” Then I thought, “What a testimony this could be of God’s goodness and mercy towards those He cherishes and loves above all.”

TUMELO (Faith) Care Centre is a Feeding Scheme and Aftercare Centre for young and vulnerable children, aged 6-13 years.  This area is inhabited by some of the poorest of the poor in Polokwane.  Child-headed families due to the prevalence of HIV are not uncommon.  Due to the high unemployment rate in this area, many children are underfed and neglected.  This results in poor health and poor performance at school.  We all know that a hungry child cannot concentrate.

Our Vision is to restore “faith” in humankind in vulnerable, neglected and abused children.

Our Mission-

  1. To provide a safe haven for children where they will have at least one decent meal per day.
  2. A place where they can interact with their age group and peers in a safe environment.
  3. A place where they will be assisted with their education.
  4. Where social upliftment and school holiday programmes can be facilitated and where we can address “life issues” through play, discussions, and training and
  5. To allow them to discover their own potential and individuality and where they can be empowered to be the best they can be as a child of God.

We are entirely depended on the goodwill of the public to run the Centre. Through all of this, God remains faithful and we know that we will be able to serve the children to the Honour and Glory of His name.

Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the testimonies of their mouth”